My FriendFeed userscripts

Death to White Brotherhood

Death to White Brotherhood removes silly names from FriendFeed pages by replacing them with nicknames from URL.

Helps to make sense of this mess:

There are several bugs in the script due to dynamic nature of FriendFeed pages. New content that gets added to the page sometimes escapes the processing.

Why such a name? There were several "White Brotherhood"-themed nicks in Russian FriendFeed community long ago -- this script was initially written to battle the Brotherhood.

In-place Preview

In-place Previewer (install) adds a simple Preview action to all FriendFeed items with a link inside. This button opens an embedded HTML frame and loads the link into this frame.

This userscript is compatible only with Firefox+Greasemonkey.


15 Sep 2008 — disable autorefresh when a preview frame is open; support links in Twitter posts.

-- Yours truly,
Alex Kapranoff.