14 августа, 2004

Brazzaville - Hastings Street

Максим Семеляк на Афише.Ру пишет: Неудивительно, что четвёртый альбом Brazzaville с песней «Night Train to Moscow» перво-наперво выходит именно у нас, никаким allmusic и amazon про него покамест неведомо.

Ну, мне например удивительно. Тем не менее, Пурпурный Легион его продаёт. Ниже вся лирика.

1. Intro


2. Londres

Juan says she's a funny kind of girl
Who sits on rooftops to escape the world
She smokes her cigarettes and keeps a journal
Dreaming of the day she'll fly to Londres

She lives with her folks in East L.A.
She goes up to Hollywood to hear bands play
She listens to Smiths cassetes and
Robos with her friends on Friday nights
Killin' time 'til the big flight

And she'll leave all the smog behind
As the 747 starts to climb away
In the big sky
And the Virgin Atlantic life
Will banish all the fear and all the strife
As it takes her to Londres

Some cholos shot Flaco yesterday
His wife has a little baby on the way
Last night she heard helicopters
It seems she hears them
Every other day
C'est muy mala suerte

3. Love Is the Answer

He smacked her 'round one last time Sunday
She called her friend said let's run away
Rooftop sunrise
Sweet 16
Her cigarettes and her dreams

La la la la la la la la love is the answer

They headed north up the coast one day
San Francisco or bust she'd say
We'll find some boyfriends
And drink some wine
And I'll forget him in time

La la la la la la la la love is the answer

4. Old Folks

So far away, so like a dream
A cup of tea with powdered cream
Or comet dust and subway steam
Or 3 kilos of mangosteen
Ayaaah ayaaah mangosteen

An airport lounge in Amsterdam
A summer rainfall in Japan
Your cowboy hat, your lovely tan
With you I'm such a happy man
Ayaaah Ayaaah, a happy man

I hope one day I'm old with you
We're holding hands like old folks do
With knobby knees and funny shoes
Yeah, that's the future I would choose
Ayaaah Ayaaah I would choose

5. Hong Kong Cafe (It Only Hurts)

Last night I had a dream
That you were done with me
The sparkle in your eyes
Had all but gone
You told me 'bout a guy
That you chanced to meet on a crowded street
Who made you feel alive
Made you feel whole

It only hurts when you're far from me
It only hurts when you're gone
I'm such a sub-standard human being
I'd never make it alone

I want to let you know
That you're my everything
If life is like the night
Then you're my dawn
My morning in July
My favourite melody on an empty beach
My winter by the fire
My midnight sun

6. Hastings Street

In a city by the sea
I think of all the things I've tried to be
It's raining at the beach
And I'm feeling all washed up at 33
Oh no!

They say it's lonely at the top
But there's nothing quite as sad as sleepin' rough
(I was) just lookin' for relief
Now I'm feelin' all washed up on Hastings Street
I'm feelin' all washed up on Hastings Street
Oh no!

Salt wind wash over me
Blow my sins to the distand galaxies
10 years of smuggling
And I land in the depths of Hastings Street

7. Single Apartment

Jean was a heartbreaker in her day
Carefree and dancing the night away
Then she turned 14 oh oh oh
Had her moment in the sun oh oh oh
Now she eats all alone
And talks to her best friend on the phone

She wakes up at 6:3 everyday
And heads off to work at the Blue Cafe
But the money's not enough oh oh oh
And her clothes are lookin' rough oh oh oh
And her car needs an alternator
When will it all end up

And her single apartment's closing in
Her loneliness won't give way
All the girls on the TV look so thin
And she's already turnin' gray
And the guy that she met on the internet
He turned out to be a creep
She says, "God I've got so many dreams to share,
If you'd send me a good man to keep."

At Christmas, she flies out to Illinois
She treasures the time with her sister boys
She was unlucky in love oh oh oh
Now the years are catchin' up oh oh oh
And at 3 AM sometimes it's just a little too much

8. Night train to Moscow

Night Train to Moscow
Say good bye to the Petersburg sun
The half light of winter afternoons long gone
Pancakes and mushrooms
Tea with the hookers at dawn
The TV is warning of a coming storm

Come lay with me
Hide me in your arms
And sing to me
Of all the other sailors
Their promises, flowers and champagne
And in the end
Life's just a Sunday morning

Night Train to Moscow
Be kind to your loneliest son
There's frost on your windows but your heart is warm

9. Interlude


10. Lagos Slums

He's had bicycles and sons
He's had salted fish and dark rum
Now his days are almost done
In the Lagos slums

He was a farmer for a while
Growin' plantains by the coastline
And some said he had a smile
Like a movie star

La ah La ah ah ah

(He) met his wife one Friday night
At a dance hall near the train tracks
And his heart soared like a kite
In the evening light

(He) worked the oil fields once
saved some money for his family
build a house near Eden's Point
where they raised their boys

He says it's hard to be a man
Who works and still can't feed his children
But he does the best he can
In the New World Plan

We're all forgotten
This road leads nowhere

11. 17

Take me to your house
And show me to all your family
I don't care about
The fool that it makes me seem
'cause I know that you're 17
And I'm just an aging dandy
The world is light and dark
And we live in between

When I was a boy
I wandered the streets of downtown
Staring at the sky
And feeling that I didn't belong
In a world where the gentle seem wrong
And teeth get knocked out on Sundays
I lay down in the shower
And make it go away

This fading world
My lovely girl

And I know that you're 17
And I'm just an aging dandy
The world is light and dark
And we live in between

12. L.A. River Lady

Saturday night he was gone
That's what she said to her mom
Honey, he's trouble, he's a bum
Try to forget him, move on

It's strange how the years come and go
When did I turn 34
When did my habits take control
And drain all the light from my soul

But mom, when the pain is gone
And you can't go on
And the lonely days seem like decades
It's only hard drugs fulfilling me
I'm lost on a summer's day
Half a world away
From the little girl that you cherished
My faded black jeans
My sunburnt face

13. Left Out

What can I do?
I'm lost over you
I'm left out

I sit and I drink
I try not to think
I'm left out

De da de de de da du da de da
De da de de de da du daya
De da de de de da du dayeeeeh dahn da

The birds in the trees
Aren't lonely like me
I'm left out
The tides ebb and flow
The morning star glows
I'm left out

14. Asteroid Fields

5 am, here comes the sun
I hope I'm not the only one
Alone in an automobile
Passed out in an asteroid field

Summer's gone, my fall's done come
Those sparkling days when I was young
Seem lost in an automobile
Passed out in an asteroid field
15. Dark Eyes

Lay down over here, Pal
It seems it's getting late
Look up in the sky
Wild parrots in L.A.
The sun is coming up soon
It's time to go to sleep
There's a heavy rain approaching
It said so on TV

Love Sky
I'm lost in your dark eyes
Your beautiful glow makes clear
That things will be alright

The years flow by like water
That's rushing towards the sea
And our little lives, so fragile
Are rounded by the sleep
The cities rise and crumble
We all die cozily
There's a heavy rain approaching
It said so on TV

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